Fly Swatter Game

by FS&TS

By Rebecca Anwyl, MS/CCC-SLP

I recently got this idea from a CEU course!  This is a great game because it can be used for a variety of treatment targets and can be used with individual clients or groups.  I bought two fly swatters from the dollar store to use just for this game.  The only other thing you need is masking tape and your treatment pictures.


How to play:  Use whatever pictures you need for your treatment plan.  I have used artic Fun Decks, go together Fun Decks and wh-question cards.  As we go through each target card, I put a piece of tape on the back of the card (in a circle) and tell the child/children to put the card anywhere on the wall.  If you have a group with different treatment goals, you may want to designate one wall per child.  (The tape should not ruin the wall or any plasticated card since you aren’t going to leave the card on the wall for long).  After the cards are on the wall, give the child a fly swatter and let him/her swat a picture on the wall.  He/she says the target word again and you take the tape off each card.  Young children like the movement of putting the pictures on the wall and swatting at the pictures. 

For older kids, I have changed the game.  After the pictures are on the wall, the child stands in the middle of the room, looks around, and says the target word. (If you are using language cards, like antonyms, you can name an opposite of one of the antonyms on the wall.) You and he/she or another student race to swat the card named.  Whoever swats it first, gets the card as a point.  The player with the most points wins!