Root Beer Floats and A Freebie

by FS&TS

Using Root Beer Floats in Speech Therapy


          Kids always love when we they get a special treat in therapy.  Aside from the fact that the kids love it, there are really good reasons to incorporate treats into therapy sessions.   Making food is functional!  It is a great way to work on sequencing, following directions, giving directions, learning new and functional vocabulary, describing with adjectives that other objects don’t typically elicit (e.g. crunchy, salty, delicious), WH questions, social skills, reasoning, and on and on!  Here are 10 different ways we are using Root Beer floats in therapy.  Download the freebie to cut down on the prep time you need to take advantage of such a fun activity!

How We Used Root Beer Floats to Target our Goals:

1) Sequencing the steps to create a Root Beer float (included in the freebie)

2) Re-tell the steps to create a Root Beer float (use sequencing steps in the freebie for visual prompts)

3) Teach/use transition words (e.g. first, next, then, last)

4) Giving directions.  Children must use specific language to give directions to the adult in order for the adult to make the Root Beer float.  (I love using recipes in a barrier task sort of way!  When the kids say “open it” vs. “open the ice cream” I walk around the kitchen opening random things until the child can correct and repair the directions.)

5) Define vocabulary specific to the recipe- use visuals such as the one included in this recent blog post: __________________

6) Use appropriate social skills to invite another child to have a Root Beer float with you.  Work on appropriate conversational skills and manners associated with eating. 

7) Use adjectives to describe the ice cream, Root Beer and Root Beer float

8) Earn a Root Beer float by completing a certain number of articulation or language cards (included in the freebie)

9) Answer functional questions related to this activity (included in the freebie)


Work on problem solving and expected vs. unexpected behaviors included in the freebie

Download Root Beer Floats for FREE HERE.