The Monster Box

by FS&TS

By Rebecca Anwyl, MS/CCC-SLP

Make a monster in about 5 minutes and you have a therapy tool for all of your young clients!  Take an empty box (I used a Macy’s one that has a ribbon in the front).  Cut out upper and lower teeth for the monster’s mouth and glue along the opening of the box.  Add large googly eyes or ones made from construction paper.  After children say their target word, have then feed the picture into the monster, making lots of munching sounds.  Tell them, “Don’t let the monster get your fingers!”  Children typically laugh and love feeding the monster.  Some want to be the monster and control the box!  The box I used with the tying ribbon in front can be brought over the top of the box and lift the top of the box, without them seeing me open and close it (at first).  You can get a lot of drill in with this tool!