The Points Game

by FS&TS

By Rebecca Anwyl, MS/CCC-SLP

Points game:  Didn’t we all learn in grad school that there is no point in re-inventing the wheel?  This is yet another great idea that I got from another therapist.  I would love to give her credit, but she left it at a school I worked at, and the therapist before me didn’t know where it came from!  This is a crazy simple game, great for about 3rd or 4th grade and up.  You will need a calculator!  Print off the page below on card stock or colored paper, and cut them out.  You may want to laminate them if not on card stock.   Put the cards in an envelope and after each student takes a speech turn, have them draw a card and follow the directions.  Each student starts with 0 points, but the card will have them add, subtract, multiply, or divide their total.  (If they get a subtraction or division card at the beginning, I let them stay at 0, but you can decide if you want to get into negative numbers).  Their point totals rapidly swing back and forth.  Usually your finished with your session before you are out of points.  

The points game is available for FREE for our Facebook Friends.  

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