St. Patrick's Day Activities

by FS&TS

Written by:  Rebecca Anwyl, MS/CCC-SLP

The Leprechaun Came Game!   

St. Patrick’s Day will be here in two days!  This is a fun and easy activity that you can do at home.  I can’t take credit for this; I learned this from a school that I worked at years ago.  Either the night before or morning of St. Patrick’s Day, while your children are still sleeping, you get to make your house a mess!  But don’t worry, your children will happily clean it up for in the morning!  You pretend that a leprechaun came to your house and messed it up.  Kids love how silly the leprechaun is!  You then encourage your child to tell you what is wrong and how to fix it.  Here are some ideas of what you can do at your house:

  • Turn dining table/play chairs upside down
  • Lie the chairs under the table
  • Put couch cushions on the floor
  • Leave a cupboard open with the cereal or a cracker box open.  Leave some crumbs around.
  • Drop a little food coloring into your toilet bowl
  • Draw shamrocks on the bathroom mirror with dry erase marker (this should wipe off easily, but you might want to test it first)
  • Dump some toys out of a toy bin
  • Hang green streamers or balloons around the house (maybe the leprechaun had a party?)

Make the changes to your house obvious and not too difficult to clean up so it stays fun.  This activity helps with problem solving skills, helps develop vocabulary and concepts (under, over, upside down), expanding your child’s sentences into longer ones, and carryover articulation sounds.