Tim's Place

by FS&TS
Written by: Kelly Hungaski, MS/CCC-SLP

March 21rst is recognized by the United Nations as World Down Syndrome day.  This date was chosen for the trisomy of the 21rst chromosome.  It is day designed to raise public awareness of Down Syndrome and to celebrate the value and inclusion of children and adults diagnosed with Down Syndrome. 

One of our speech language pathologists shared this video with staff a few weeks ago.  Tim's Place is believed to be the first restaurant owned by a man with Down Syndrome.

As professionals, we are sometimes told that it is important to be "realistic" when setting our therapy goals or writing IEPs. This story is a powerful reminder of what hope, determination and high expectations can achieve. For the 8th annual Down Syndrome day, let's give ourselves a challenge: Let's not limit our children's possibilities based on our own misconceptions or beliefs. Every child may not reach their end goal, let alone own a restaurant.   But we owe it to our clients and children to try!  Now, who wants to join me on a Road trip to Alberquerque?  I think I'm craving one of those hugs from Tim's Place!