Easter Eggs: OT style

by FS&TS

By Senia Lee, OTR/L

This time of year plastic Easter eggs are popping up everywhere. While we love finding them stuffed with candy in our Easter baskets, plastic eggs are also a great tool for teaching fine motor skills, practicing following directions, making activities more motivating, and developing other important skills. Stock up on plastic eggs during after-Easter clearance sales for a year’s worth of fun and learning!


Here are some activity ideas for Easter eggs:

*Place small letters (such as magnetic letters) in the eggs and have your child open the eggs and identify, sequence, or spell words with the letters.

*Hide small items (Beans, pennies, rice, etc.) in the Easter eggs. Have your child shake them and try to find the matching sound.

*Write out home exercises or household chores/daily tasks on strips of paper and put one strip in each egg. Have your child draw out an egg and perform the task listed on the strip.

*Divide your child’s snack between Easter Eggs so they have to open each one to get out their snack. You can even have them shake the eggs before opening and try to guess which snack is inside!

*Play “Memory” with the eggs, hiding a pair of small objects (eraser, button, small figurine) inside the eggs. Lay the eggs in a grid and take turns open and closing the eggs to find a match.

*Hide eggs and give your child “hot” or “cold” clues. Or, give them clues that spark some problem solving: “The next egg is hiding where we eat our dinner.” This will help teach your child to follow directions and to decrease impulsivity (waiting for clues/direction).