April Freebie: Transition Vocabulary

by FS&TS

Kelly Hungaski, M.S., CCC-SLP

It can be difficult to come up with functional AND motivating activities to work with middle school to high school age children.  Check out this great game that our Speech language pathologist, Jaclyn Hutchins created:   Transition Vocabulary: the goal of this game is to tap into the strengths of children with language disorders while using multiple modalities to comprehend, explain and memorize the meaning of new vocabulary words. 


This game has been really popular with our middle school and high school students!  Players choose a vocabulary card and then roll the dice to determine how they need to describe it.  The options for drawing, acting or even sculpting gives each player the opportunity to use their strengths to play the game.   Plus it helps them learn the vocabulary that they will need to succeed following graduation. 


Our Transition Vocabulary Game is available exclusively for our