Communication in the Kitchen

by FS&TS

By Kelsey Wegner, M.A. CCC-SLP

Communication can be targeted anywhere, including in my favorite spot in the house—the kitchen.  Here are ten examples of ways you can incorporate speech and language concepts into baking in the kitchen, with something so simple as making cookies.      

  •  Verbs: “Stir the batter.”  “Cut the butter.” 
  • Understanding Spatial Concepts: “Put the chocolate chips in the cup.”  “Put the napkin under the spoon.”
  • Using Prepositions: “Where are the cookies?” “In the oven.”  “Where is the fork?” “Next to the plate.”
  •  Articulation:  After your child says 3 targeted word, they get to do another direction in the recipe.  
  • Retelling Sequences: “First we mixed the ingredients. Then we put the cookies on the pan. Last we baked them in the oven.”
  • Following multi-step directions/sequential steps: “First put the sugar in, then put the egg in.”  “Put cookie dough on the pan after you spray it.”  
  • Present Progressive –ing: “We just put the cookies in to bake them.  What are they doing?” “They are baking.”
  • Past tense –ed: We just poured in the sugar.” “I just put the cookies in the oven.  What did I do?” 
  • Attributes:  “Tell me 4 words to describe this cookie.” “Warm, crunchy, brown, round.”
  • Problem Solving: “What would you do if we spilled the flour?”  “What would you do if the oven timer went off when an adult wasn’t in the room?”

If you don’t have time to spend in the kitchen, check out these fun iPad apps that have your child prepare different foods and practice language use.   

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