Therapy Activity: Felt Board Picture Scenes

by FS&TS

By Alysse Zittnan, MA/CCC-SLP

Looking for a virtually indestructible and inexpensive activity for preschoolers or early elementary kids? 

Then head to your craft store (i.e.: Michael’s) and pick up a felt activity play board! They have a variety of scenes to entice the inner astronaut, ballerina, or firefighter in everyone.  



Here are 10 different language areas you can try using the beach scene:

Concepts and Following Directions: “Put the crab between the boy and girl.”

Problem Solving: “What would you do if the beach chair was broken?”

Pronouns: “He saw a sailboat in the water.”

Present Progressive Verbs: “The bird is flying next to the sun.”

Categories: “Show me which items belong on land and which go in the water.”

Attributes: “The umbrella has a long handle that goes in the sand. Dads read under them when the sun is hot.”

Wh- Questions: “Why do people need lighthouses by the ocean?”

Exclusion/Inclusion: “Find an animal that does not fly and has five sides.”

Imaginative Play: The therapist or parent and child each pick a character to be while spending the day at the beach.

Basic Inferencing: “What if the sand castle is built too close to the water?”