20 Awesome Handwriting Ideas

by FS&TS

By Katie Grimsby, OTR/L

Whether your child is learning their letters, practicing writing words, printing sentences, or forming paragraphs, change-up how they are practicing handwriting to make it more FUN and motivating! Here are 20 waysto learn, reinforce, and encourage improved handwriting skills for a variety of ages and skill levels.


To learn or reinforce letter formations:

1. Shaving Cream

2. Form letters in playdoh or use a golf tee to draw letters in flattened playdoh

3. Pipe cleaners

4. Draw on white board

5. Ipad Apps (many different

6. Sand Tray

7. Ziploc filled with paint

8. Paint and Q-tips -OR- finger paints

9. Wikki Sticks

10. Magnadoodle

11. Draw on each other’s backs

12. Washable window crayons or markers

To promote handwriting legibility at the word, sentence, or paragraph level:

13. Mad Libs

14. Build-a-story (take turns writing a word, phrase, or sentence to build a silly story)

15. Write out directions to make a basic recipe, messy play substance, etc.

16. Hidden Sentences - Hide sentences and have child find them. They have to do what the sentence/phrase says (jump on two feet) and then copy the sentence on paper.

17. Obstacle Course - design an obstacle course, with one step being a handwriting related task.

18. Secret Codes - design your own code, or use an already made cryptogram. Write secret messages and have child decipher and print on paper.

19. Combine games with handwriting - scattegories, scrabble, boggle are examples

20. Pen pal - write letters to family, friends, neighbors, or send thank you letters to a troop overseas