Making Tie Blankets

by FS&TS

Winter always promises many opportunities for going outside and throwing snowballs, making snowmen, and sledding.  And the best way to warm up after a day in the snow is to snuggle under a warm blanket by the fire.  Making a fleece tie-blanket is a great activity for you and the kids to do during these winter months, and when you’re done, you have a warm, soft blanket to keep out the cold.  Visit this site for instructions!  Double-knotting the ties works on finger strength and dexterity, which can help develop skills like buttoning, grasping a writing utensil, and, of course, tying shoes.  Tying the knots also requires the use of both hands together in coordination, which will help develop other two-handed skills like writing, using a knife a fork, or zipping a coat.  The fleece also provides good tactile input to the hands and fingers.  In addition, the double-layer of fleece makes the blanket heavier than is typical, making it an excellent cover for a child who likes some extra input.  Making tie-blankets can also give older children practice with following directions and problem-solving.  So, now that you have a new warm blanket, settle down by the fire and drink some hot chocolate!