Rainbow Toast

by FS&TS

We love working on functional activities at Family Speech & Therapy Services.  These are great activities for you to use at home with your child to help develop their fine motor, sensory processing and speech and language skills.  Rainbow toast is a fun, colorful cooking activity.  Try it when you have a little extra time at breakfast!  


·      Food coloring

·      Milk (or your non-dairy alternative)

·      Custard cups, Dixie cups, an ice cube tray, or something to hold your “paints”

·      Bread

·      A toaster

·      Paint brushes and/or eye droppers.

Put a little milk in each cup and add food coloring to get the desired colors.  Use an eye dropper, a paint brush, or your finger to paint on the untoasted bread.  Stick it in the toaster, and voila!  You now have an edible masterpiece.

Therapy Benefits 

This activity provides kids with an opportunity for simple food preparation.  It’s also a great way for kids to interact with food in a playful way without having to eat food.  Of course, you can eat the toast.  Children with sensory feeding delays are often concerned about changes in appearance.  Eating colored toast can help them learn that just because a food looks different-doesn't mean it tastes different.  Spreading butter or honey  on the toast allows kids to practice a two-handed skill.  Using eye droppers and paint brushes also provide practice for fine motor skill development.  Having your child talk about what they are doing and retell what they did afterwards helps strengthen their speech and language skills.