The Benefits of Raking

by FS&TS

The leaves are turning red, and pretty soon they will start to fall.  When they do, gather your troop of rakers and head outside!  Raking is a fantastic activity as it provides children with opportunities for:

Proprioceptive input: raking leaves and carrying full bags is heavy work that provides proprioceptive input.  Furthermore, running and jumping into a big pile of leaves is another way to get proprioceptive input.

Tactile input: once all the piles have been sufficiently jumped in, it’s time to bag the leaves.  That means touching them, which provides a unique tactile experience for kids.

Bilateral hand use: raking and bagging leaves requires the use of both hands together.  This allows children to work on coordinating their hands together.

Problem-solving: raking leaves requires the children to problem-solve together, which will also work on social interaction skills.