Valentine's Day Activities: Receptive and Expressive Language

by FS&TS

By Rebecca Walton, MS/CCC-SLP

1.       Wh- questions:  Once your child comes home with their Valentine cards from friends at school, ask them wh- questions about the cards.

a.       “What is in the turtle’s hands?”

b.      “Who gave you the card with the turtle?”

c.       “Where is the turtle’s hat?”


2.       Following directions: When putting together your Valentine cards, try giving your child a one- or two-step direction.

a.       “First fold the card, then put the sticker on it”

b.      “First pick up the sucker, then place it on the card”

c.       “Put two cards in the box”

3.       Categories/Concepts:  With the Valentine candy your child brings home, you can practice sorting the candy into different categories pertaining to size, color, shape, type of candy, etc.

a.       “Let’s put all the big candy pieces in a group.”

b.      “Let’s put all the chocolate candies in a group.”

c.       “Let’s put all the pink wrapped candy in a group.”

d.      “Let’s put all the square candies in a group.”


purple-hard-candy (1).png

4.       Compare/Contrast:  Use the Valentine cards or the candy to have your child explain how two cards or candies are alike or different.

a.       “Tell me how the sucker and M & M’s are alike.” (sweet, circles, color)

b.      “Tell me how Mickey Mouse and Angry Birds are different.”

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