Articulation Language Cups

by FS&TS

By: Jenna Steinbach, MSE/CCC-SLP

Looking for a fun and easy way to get your child to practice their target sound?  If you answered yes, then this activity is perfect for you and your child.  All you need to do is get get some pictures or words that contain your child’s target sound.  Hide a reinforcer under one of the cups (sticker, skittle, etc).  Then tape the pictures on the bottoms of the cups.  You can have your child practice at word level (“cow”), phrase level (“I see cow”), or sentence level (“Is it under the brown cow?”).  After they say the word, they get to pick up the cup and see if they found the prize!


You can also use this activity to work on your child’s language.  

Guessing Game:

Give clues to your child, one at a time, until they can correctly guess what cup the reinforcer is under.

Describing Game:

Have your child give you clues or attributes until you can guess what picture they are describing.


Have a few pictures that are all in the same category (animals, food, clothing, etc) and have your child place the cups into categories.  See if they can label the category.  You can also see if they can add items to the category by asking them, “What are some other animals you can think of?”

Asking questions or Answering yes/no questions:

Place the prize under one of the cups and have your child ask you questions (“Is it an animal?, Is it brown?, Do you find it in the house?,” etc).  You can then reverse the game and ask your child questions and have them answer.