Articulation Card Decks (DIY)

by FS&TS

Sue Jaeger, MS/CCC-SLP

Articulation Card Decks (DIY)

All you need is a few decks of cards and a sharpie to make this group articulation material!  Articulation Card decks are a great way to practice your child's speech and language skills at home while enjoying family game night.  


Write target words on the face of the cards.


Mark the back of the deck with a symbol or the phoneme for easy sorting.

These cards are PERFECT for school-age articulation groups in which each student has different sound(s) to work on!  Quick, competitive, and fun!!!  Games I like to play with these include:

  • War

  • Kings in the Corner

  • Slapjack

  • Double Solitaire

  • Pig

  • Crazy 8’s