Conversation Uno

by FS&TS

By Kayla Braun, MS/CCC-SLP

A fun way to teach conversation skill, including taking turns, making on topic comments and not interrupting is to use UNO.  In conversations and UNO players need to take turns. In UNO, you have to pay attention to your partner so you can play a card that is similar to the card showing, which is like paying attention to what is said during conversations so that you can make an on-topic and related comment.  

teaching conversation


This game is played the same way as UNO, but has you make comments or ask questions each time you play a card. Before starting the game, decide on a conversation topic. The first player initiates the conversation and each time a card is played, that player needs to make a comment or ask a question related to the conversation topic.

WILDs: If a WILD card is played that person introduces a new conversation topic.

REVERSE: If a Reverse card is played, that person has to make 2 on-topic comments. This can be making a comment and then asking a question (i.e. “ I like to go skiing. Have you ever gone skiing?” or sharing 2 new ideas/comments about the topic (i.e. “I got a new puppy this weekend. His name is Max).

SKIP:  The conversation will skip to the next person.