Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game for Working on S Blends

by FS&TS

By Rebecca Walton, MS/CCC-SLP

I played the game: Sneaky Snacky Squirrel in a therapy session to work on /s/ blends. Wow! This game was perfect for targeting /s/ blends in a less structured task.  

Here are some of the words that you can use to target during the session:

  • sneaky
  • snacky
  • snacks (acorns)
  • squeeze (the tweezer)
  • squirrel
  • stem (of the acorns)
  • stump (where the acorns are placed)
  • storm (the “wind” on the spinner)
  • steal (the squirrel on the spinner that gets to steal from a friend)
  • stuck (the acorn is stuck in the stump)
  • skip (lost a turn on the spinner)
  • spin (your turn to spin)
  • spinner
  • stick (parts of the tree)
  • strong storm
  • sturdy tree

Talk with your child about how they need to use both of their sounds while they are playing the game.