Targeting Language with Chutes and Ladders

by FS&TS

By Crystal Kieckhofer, M.S.E., CCC-SLP

Do you remember playing Chutes and Ladders as a child?  Here are 5 language areas that you can target with your child while playing Chutes and Ladders at home.

1. Pronouns

2. Regular/Irregular Past Tense Verbs 

3. Present Progressive Verbs

4. Making Inferences/Understanding Cause and Effect

5. Turn-taking

Pronouns, regular and irregular past tense verbs, and present progressive verbs can be modeled and practiced when describing pictures you land on throughout the game.  A therapist or parent can also ask questions about what happened or why it happened to encourage the patient to make basic inferences. The cause and effect of actions in the pictures can also be discussed while playing the game. Nonverbal and verbal turn-taking can be modeled and taught when playing a structured game.