Creating partnerships with School Speech Pathologists

by FS&TS

By: Christianna Mullins, M.A. CCC-SLP

If you are curious how your child’s speech and language are developing at school the following 5 questions may help you articulate (no pun intended) your concerns to your child’s therapist.

Call, email or meet with your school’s speech-language clinician and ask these key questions.

1) What progress have you seen my child make in his/her articulation throughout the year?

2) How has my child’s receptive and expressive language developed this year?

3) How is my child’s speech and language development impacting his or her academics?

4) What types of activities do you use in speech-language sessions?

5) What can I be working on at home with my child to help him or her develop speech and language?

Once you have asked these questions and gotten answers to them, let your therapist know what changes you have seen at home in your child’s speech and language. Sharing questions, concerns, and improvements can help strengthen your child’s support team and help him or her make even greater progress in his or her speech and language.