Everyday Language: In the Bathtub

by FS&TS

By Emily Jung


Bath time is a great way to incorporate language activities into your daily routines.  This one-on-one time with your child is a great opportunity to target a variety of language concepts including; nouns, verbs, concepts, body parts, following directions, sound and action imitation, and answering questions.  Here are some ways to build language and make bath time even more fun for children!

Words/Language to use:

  • Water         
  • Towel          
  • Take off socks (clothing items)
  • Bubbles          
  • Toys             
  • Time for a bath
  • Bathtub            
  • Wash            
  • Water onSoap                  
  • Dry                
  • Get in
  • Shampoo            
  • Pour                
  • Pop bubbles
  • Swimming            
  • Dump                
  • Bye water


  • In/out                

  • Wet/dry            

  • Hot/cold

  • On/off                
  • Full/empty            
  • Up/down
  • Under/on top            
  • Dirty/clean            

Asking Questions:

  • Is it full?                            

  • Do you want bubbles?

  • Where are your toes? (Identify body parts)            

  • Where is the fish? (Identify objects)

  • Do you want the duck or boat? (Provide choice of toys)

Following Directions:

  • Wash your arms (other body parts).                
  • Give me the towel.
  • Put the toys in.                        
  • Close your eyes.
  • Dry your feet.                            
  • Pop the bubbles.

Other Suggestions:

  • Describe what you are doing
  • Repeat actions several times    
  • Say the word each time you do the action
  • Make the routine repetitive and predictable
  • Make up songs about washing, bubbles, drying off, etc.

Books about Bath Time:

Bath Time! By Sandra Boynton

Get Out of My Bath by Nosy Crow

Tubby by Leslie Patricelli

Peekaboo Bathtime by DK Publishing

The Bath Time Book by Michael Yu