Hi, we're Sora.

by Blog Editor

Fifteen years ago, Family Speech & Therapy Services, was founded with a vision to offer therapy services for kids in a way that would maximize their success and growth. We firmly believed then, as we do today, that therapy works best when the entire family is part of the process (and when everyone has a little bit of fun doing it).

Nearly a decade and a half later, this commitment to serving kids and their families remains at the core of everything we do. We’ve helped thousands of kids improve in all areas of development. Over the years, our organization has grown and changed shape. We’ve gone from our first clinic in Andover with two speech therapists to five clinics and more than 60 team members. We offer speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and feeding therapy. But while our practice areas expanded, most people were still referring to us as “Family Speech”– which wasn’t wrong, but it certainly didn’t tell the whole story.

A name is how we tell the world who we are and what we do. So we decided it was time to revisit ours and make sure that it truly embodied the spirit of our mission and scope of our offerings.

This year, our organization is proudly being reintroduced as Sora Pediatric Therapy. A sora is a small bird that most of us see each spring. Like the kids that we work with every day, a sora is small but mighty. With their short wings and little bodies, the birds don’t look like they could fly very far, but in fact they migrate hundreds of miles every year. Like our kids, they’re capable of more than any of us can imagine. And phonetically, we love that you can’t help but think of the word “soar” when you say “Sora”. It reflects our high aspirations for our clients and staff alike.

We are so excited about our new name and the new look that goes along with it. They showcase what’s most important to us: helping kids find their wings and fly in a playful, inclusive and supportive environment.

— Melissa, CEO/Founder