5 Halloween Apps for Speech and Language

by FS&TS

By Crystal O'Malley, SLP

Halloween is just a few weeks away! Here are 5 great Halloween Apps that you can use to work on a variety of speech and language goals.

5 Free Halloween Apps for Speech and Language (1).png

1. Halloween Games for Kids by Moo Moo Lab


This app contains sticker and coloring pages. These activities are great to work on following 1-2 step directions and describing the pictures using attributes.

2. Monster Pet Salon By Ninjafish Studios


This activity allows kids to give their monster pet an outfit and put them in different scenes. It provides natural opportunities for you to give them directions to follow and for them to describe the scene they are creating using grammatically correct sentences.

3. Halloween Kids Puzzles By Scott Adelman Apps


This app is great for working on following directions containing positions (i.e. above, below, next to, under, etc). You can describe the pictures after you’ve completed the puzzle.

4. Carve-a-Pumpkin By Parents Magazine


Instead of carving out an actual pumpkin, you can do it within an app. It’s wonderful for working on sequencing. Of course you can also work on following directions and describing during the activity.

5. Halloween Secret Hidden Object By Detention Apps


I use this one to talk about where objects are located with a focus on prepositional phrases (i.e. under the ___, next to ____, behind the ___.