Sugar Cookie Day- How Baking Cookies is Good for Development- PLUS Recipes

by FS&TS

By Christine Peters, OTR/L

July 9th is SUGAR COOKIE DAY! Not only do we love to eat these sweet treats, but we also love to utilize baking cookies to work on child development!

Take advantage of this “holiday” and work on developmental skills such as:

-Following Directions (reading or hearing step-by-step directions from a caregiver)

-Coming to Midline (pouring ingredients into measuring devices)

-Crossing Midline (stirring, reaching for ingredients, rolling dough with rolling pin)

-Strengthening (stirring dough, rolling dough with rolling pin)

-Bilateral Coordination (rolling dough with rolling pin)

-Visual Motor (measuring ingredients)

-Tactile Input (messy play with kneading dough)

-Auditory Input (mixer or hand-mixer)

-Safety (working with hot oven and/or hot cookies right out of the oven- this is a good opportunity to discuss oven and kitchen safety)


Following are sugar-cookie and frosting recipes that have dietary restrictions in mind:


-Classic Sugar Cookie

-Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie

-Dairy-Free Sugar Cookie

-Allergy Friendly Sugar Cookies (dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free)

-Low-Sugar Sugar Cookies


Classic Icing:

Dairy-Free Frosting: