Available Appointments – Repeating


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Available Appointments – Repeating

Steps to request appointment(s): 

  1. New Patients: Request a yellow colored appointment by replying to our new patient text message. If therapy is recommended after your first appointment (the evaluation), this day and time will become your weekly appointment.
  2. Existing Patients: Select a yellow or white appointment, if you’ve already completed an initial evaluation at Sora. Login to your Raintree Patient Portal and message our team your top choices: CLICK HERE. Call us if you need an invitation to create your Patient Portal account.
  3. We’ll confirm your appointment request(s) and add you to our weekly therapy schedule.

Tips for Scheduling

  • Only request appointment spots that match the type of therapy you’re scheduling:
    • SP = Speech Therapy (Speech Therapy patients can request any appointment that has “SP” or “SP Feeding” in the type.)
    • OT = Occupational Therapy (Occupational Therapy patients can request any appointment that has “OT” or “OT FD” in the type.)
    • PT = Physical Therapy
    • Myo = Myofunctional Therapy
    • Feeding = SP Feeding OR OT Feeding
  • Our patients can schedule therapy at multiple clinic locations with multiple providers. It’s okay (and recommended) to grab an appointment time that works, while you wait for the perfect location/time to open!

We’re here to help! Give us a call (763) 755-4275 and select the option for current patients.