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Sora Babies

Our littlest patients bring us the biggest smiles. We take delight in helping our Sora babies (and their very tired parents!) find their way during that joyful first year. If you have any concerns about your baby’s development, we’re here to help. Our therapy services can help babies with things like meeting milestones, growing stronger, eating and drinking, sleeping, and regulating their arousal. We can also provide follow-up care after a NICU or hospital stay.

Specific Baby Therapies:

  • Infant Feeding Therapy
    • Transitioning to solid foods
  • Infant Physical Therapy
    • Tummy time
    • Meeting motor milestones: rolling, sitting, crawling, creeping, and walking
    • Strength and Endurance
    • Looking both directions (torticollis)
    • Misshapen or flat head (plagiocephaly) 
  • Infant Occupational Therapy
    • Sleeping
    • Regulation
    • Fine motor development